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released August 31, 2016



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Amnesty Season Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: Hiccups
Welcome to my little EP. It contains four tracks that I've made very recently and I would like to share them with you. As always, in true Jordan fashion, I'm going to write a little think piece for each track. Thanks for listening!

Hiccups suck.


Now that I've got that out of the way, I want to discuss this slightly new direction I'm heading. It obviously involves guitars, vocalish stuff, organic instruments, etc. I'm trying to find myself artistically (pretentious sounding as always) and I've been having success with traditional instrumentation. I was feeling boxed in with what I was making before, using software instruments and cheesy sounding samples. I want to start making all of my own samples and playing all of my instruments live. I think it puts more of a personal touch on my art and helps connect the listener as well, at least I've had decent feedback that it does.

As I move forward, I want to get more experimental, but I also want to maintain some of my melody driven qualities as well. I enjoy this space I'm in. For a long time now I haven't been really happy with my art, and now I kinda am. enjoy
Track Name: Ink
What can I say about ink... It's really the track that started this new space for me. It made me so happy when I was finished with it. I didn't devote a whole lot of time to it, and I didn't feel I needed to. Not because I'm incredibly talented or it's just a work of perfection, but because I didn't feel I needed to spend a whole lot of time on it. It is what it is, and I like it that way.

Minimal, dark, and different. Kind of what I want to make right now.

Let's see, let me say something interesting.....

The word red is derived from the Old English rēad.[6] The word can be further traced to the Proto-Germanic rauthaz and the Proto-Indo European root rewdʰ-. In Sanskrit, the word rudhira means red or blood. In the Akkadian language of Ancient Mesopotamia and in the modern Inuit language of Inuit, the word for red is the same word as "like blood".

The words for 'colored' in Latin (coloratus) and Spanish (colorado) both also mean 'red.' In Portuguese the word for red is vermelho, which comes from Latin "vermiculus", meaning "little worm".

In the Russian language, the word for red, Кра́сный (krasniy), comes from the same old Slavic root as the words for "beautiful"—красивый (krasiviy) and "excellent"—прекрасный (prekrasniy). Thus Red Square in Moscow, named long before the Russian Revolution, meant simply "Beautiful Square".

In heraldry, the word gules is used for red.
Track Name: Northeast
Enough about me, think about where you are in life. Listen to this song and let it sooth your soul.





Track Name: Sunbright
Ah yes, the title track. Going back to my roots a little bit on this one. Using some machine drum samples, got a cheesy little rhythm going on this one too.

I made this today and I figured I'd send it to a band called free space because I think it fits their style. I probably still will.

Still will.

Does anyone read these? If so, go to the bandcamp search bar, type in 'Hydroc Records', and download all of the music over there. it's good stuff